Successful workshop on child and adolescent health - International team of experts met at BIPS

On July 17 and 18, 2023, a workshop in the framework of the DFG Sino-German collaboration "Epidemiological methods and experiences in research on child and adolescent health" took place at the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology - BIPS. The aim of the workshop was the exchange on the joint investigation of risk factors for child and adolescent health by the partner institutions Peking University in China and BIPS in Germany.

The participants of the workshop

The participants of the workshop had the opportunity to deal intensively with the possibilities of statistical analysis of genetic data (c) Rasmus Cloes /BIPS

Under the title "Statistical Methods for Analysis of Genetics Data", experts gathered to discuss in depth the possibilities of statistical analysis of genetic data. The speakers, Dr. Inken Wohlers from the University of Lübeck and Dr. Hui Wang from Peking University, offered valuable insights into current methods and experiences in the analysis of genetic information in the context of epidemiological research.

The workshop was hosted by Dr. Antje Hebestreit and Dr. Ronja Foraita, both from BIPS. The event provided a unique opportunity for participants to expand their knowledge, develop practical skills, and foster an intensive exchange between the two research groups.

The joint project of Peking University and BIPS focuses on the analysis of extensive existing databases generated over the last decade. In particular, the focus is on diet- and lifestyle-related diseases that have become significant health threats in Germany and China. Obesity and cardiovascular as well as metabolic disorders occur at a young age and have a significant social, economic and individual impact.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the causes of overweight in children and adolescents in both countries. Epidemiological data will be used to identify associated factors. In addition, the effects of national health policies and interventions will be evaluated by means of health monitoring.

The workshop provided a platform for the leading epidemiological research groups on child health in Germany and China to jointly address the complex research questions on child health. Through intensive exchange and learning from each other, the project promises to make a significant contribution to improving child and adolescent health in both countries.

BIPS is pleased with the successful implementation of the workshop and the progress made in the joint research. The DFG Sino-German collaboration provides a unique opportunity to make a lasting contribution to prevention research and epidemiological knowledge in the field of child and adolescent health by combining expertise and resources in both countries.