Model region for applied cancer prevention research in Bremen

What is it about?

For a long time, it has been known that at least 40 percent of cancer cases are due to modifiable risk factors such as smoking, unhealthy diet, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, and obesity. Many more cancer cases or cancer deaths could be prevented through the implementation of screening measures. However, mere knowledge of the potential of cancer prevention is not sufficient. Rather, there is a need to develop and evaluate strategies to effectively implement cancer prevention in the population. Target group-specific approaches are particularly promising in this regard. Consideration of different living situations and life stages is also crucial. The prevention measures should be designed pragmatically using existing structures. Precisely for this type of implementation research, we are initiating the model region Bremen as part of the National Decade against Cancer . With this project, we want to demonstrate ways to fully and sustainably utilize the potential of cancer prevention and early detection at the regional level.

Intended work program and time plan:

The project will start with our opening ceremony on July 7, 2022, and it will have three phases: In the first year, a systematic assessment of the status quo with regard to cancer prevention and screening in Bremen will be conducted. In the following years, a series of coordinated measures for cancer prevention and screening will be implemented and evaluated comprehensively in the model region. At the end, an overall evaluation of the measures will be performed: First, by examining changes in health behavior and utilization of preventive services, also in comparison to a control region. For this purpose, we will conduct public health surveys and analyze health insurance data. In the long term, the effect on cancer incidence and cancer deaths will also be analyzed based on cancer registry data.

More information will follow.

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