Working Group Occupational, Radiation and Environmental Epidemiology

Epidemiological research on occupational, radiation and environmental epidemiology has a long tradition at BIPS. National and international studies on occupational risk factors of lung cancer, environmental and occupational factors of the etiology of testicular cancer, radiation epidemiological studies on medical CT diagnostics and childhood cancers and other projects, such as a follow-up study of a large occupational cohort of aircrew were conducted or are on-going.

Several units and/or individual scientists across departments have been and are involved in this work. The current concentration of these topics is located in the Department of Epidemiological Methods and Etiological Research but was be relaxed by a reorientation of the units. As such, the interdepartmental ORE Working Group pools these activities and provides a forum to discuss research approaches and research results, and further aims to develop new ideas for research projects based on existing expertise and data sources, including new primary data.

The group collaborates specifically with the Bremen Cancer Registry, assesses the usability of the German Pharmacoepidemiological Research Database (GePaRD) for ORE-related research topics, and actively seeks collaboration and interaction with national and international researchers in the fields.

Overall, it is aimed to maintain competences and extending synergies in this important epidemiological research focus at BIPS and expanded, and create synergies.

On-going or finished ORE-related projects based in different departments and units of BIPS

Occupational epidemiology:

Radiation epidemiology:

Environmental epidemiology: