Research fellow

Mariam Reyad Rizkallah Issak

Curriculum vitae

  • ElRakaiy M, Dutilh BE, Rizkallah MR , Boleij A, Cole JN, Aziz RK The impact of human microiome variations on systems pharmacology and personalized therapeutics OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology 14 Jul;18(7):4-14. doi: 1.189/omi.14.18
  • Saad R, Rizkallah MR , Aziz RK Gut Pharmacomicroiomics: the tip of an iceberg of complex interactions etween drugs and gut-associated microes Gut Pathog. 1 Nov 3;4(1):16. doi:1.1186/1757-4749-4-16
  • Rizkallah MR , Gamal-Eldin S, Saad R, Aziz RK The Pharmacomicroiomics portal: a dataase for drug-microiome interactions Curr Pharmacogenomics Person Med. 1 Sep 1;1(3):195-3.
  • Aziz RK, Saad R and Rizkallah MR PharmacoMicroiomics or how ugs modulate drugs: an educational initiative to explore the effects of human microiome on drugs BMC Bioinformatics 11, 1(Suppl7):A1 doi:1.1186/1471-15-1-S7-A1
  • Rizkallah MR , Saad R and Aziz RK The Human Microiome Project, personalized medicine and the irth of pharmacomicroiomics Curr Pharmacogenomics Person Med. 1 Sep 1;8(3):18-193

Research interests

Drug safety
Phage genomics


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