Management and Committees

Management Board

Prof. Dr. Iris Pigeot (scientific director)
Cornelia Wiedemeyer (managing director)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ahrens (deputy scientific director)

Heads of Departments

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ahrens ("Epidemiological Methods and Etiological Research")
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Haug ("Clinical Epidemiology")
Prof. Dr. Hajo Zeeb ("Prevention and Evaluation")
Prof. Dr. Iris Pigeot ("Biometry and Data Management")
Prof. Dr. Vanessa Didelez (deputy head "Biometry and Data Management")
Cornelia Wiedemeyer ("Administration")

Research Coordination

Dr. Frauke Günther

Scientific Management

Dr. Norman Wirsik

Public Relations

Nils Ehrenberg

Head of IT

Dr. Achim Reineke

Works Council

Stephan Gesche (chair)
Valentina Adam (deputy chair)

Equal Opportunities Officer

Dr. Heike Gerds
Dr. Ronja Foraita (deputy)

Representative of
Disabled Employees

PD Dr. Oliver Riedel
Edda Hein (deputy)

Data Protection Officer

Alexander Knaust
datenschutz nord GmbH (betrieblicher Datenschutzbeauftragter)

Ad Hoc Research Ethics Committee

Ombudsperson (Dr. Hermann Pohlabeln) and Working Group Data Protection (Alexander Knaust)

Representatives of Safety

Dr. Christoph Buck
Dr. Kathrin Günther (laboratory)

Structured Doctoral Program

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Haug
Dr. Sarah Forberger (senior dissertation representative)
Dr. Maike Wolters (senior dissertation representative)
Oliver Scholle (representative of the doctoral students)
Timm Intemann (representative of the doctoral students)