Promoting Postdocs

With a variety of measures, BIPS is promoting postdocs in their academic careers. For this purpose, a concept was developed which is based on the goals formulated by the Leibniz Association (transparency, reliable professional prospects, competitiveness, employment security for the duration of the qualification phase).

Postdocs at BIPS are encouraged to develop their own scientific profile. An internal funding program was launched to offer start-up financing for their first independent projects. With this initial funding, preparatory work can be carried out, which subsequently increases the chances of a successful application for third-party funding (for example, a first application to the German Research Foundation - DFG). As a result, working groups can be established, which, given a continuous, outstanding performance and a convincing perspective, have the opportunity of being institutionalized as research groups at BIPS.

For postdocs, it is particularly important to publish in their field of research as first or last authors. This enables them to fulfill the necessary requirements for a habilitation. University teaching required for a habilitation is also supported. According to an agreement with the University of Bremen on the participation of BIPS in university teaching, BIPS postdocs may teach at the university.

In addition, BIPS promotes the mobility of postdocs, for example, through the provision and support of stays at foreign scientific institutions. Furthermore, participation in external training courses is encouraged.