Brochures and Leaflets

For the health of older people

Older people can do a lot for their own health. The new leaflets contain new tips on preventing and dealing with osteoporosis, rheumatism and vitamin D deficiency.

Nutrition and hygiene in child daycare centres

The BIPS has been advising child daycare centres in Bremen and elsewhere for many years now. Furthermore, a number of information brochures and leaflets on the constitution of food products, with tips and recipes for healthy daycare cooking have been published. Click here for the order form for brochures and leaflets.

  • NEW: What you should observe when you bring food in the kindergarten
    Information and tips for the hygienic handling of food - not only for parents. The guide is  available in five languages.
    Downloads: deutsch | türkisch | russisch | polnisch | englisch | arabisch
  • Bremen checklist for a balanced lunch in child daycare centres
    The "Bremen Checklist" serves daycare centres as a guide for the planning of the weekly menu and daily lunch (3-star food). It is based on the recommendations of the Optimised mixed diet (OptimiX ®) from the Research Institute of Child Nutrition in Dortmund and is charactrerised by its special practical relevance.
    Download: Bremen Checklist
  • Good hygiene practice in kindergarten-kitchens
    With the commencement of the EU hygiene legislation,  food business operators, including day care centers, are responsible for the safety of the food they offer. The guideline describes in detail and with practical relevance, how sufficient food hygiene safety is guaranteed. 45 pages
  • My breakfast in kindergarten
    Instructions for action days in child daycare centers. 30 pages, 10 recipes
  • Peas, beans, lentils. Legumes in the kindergarten kitchen
    Tips and recipes for child daycare centres. 13 pages, 23 recipes
  • Old winter vegetables rediscovered
    Tips and recipes for child daycare centres. 16 pages, 25 recipes
  • Vegetarian kitchen. Recipes for Pasta & C
    Tips and recipes for child daycare centres. 15 pages, 38 recipes
  • Vegetarian kitchen. Recipes with grains
    Tips and recipes for child daycare centres. 11 pages, 30 recipes
  • When food makes you sick. Dealing with special diets in the kindergarten
    Tips and recipes for child daycare centres. 30 pages, 18 recipes.
  • "My breakfast in the Kindergarten"
    The flyer / poster shows eight examples of a healthy breakfast in the daycare center in colourful images.