Prof. Dr. Daniela Fuhr

Prof Daniela Fuhr is Deputy Head of the Department of Prevention and Evaluation since July 2022. She also holds an Honorary Professorship at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). Daniela Fuhr read psychology and public health and joined the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva before she started to work at LSHTM in 2012. At LSHTM, Daniela Fuhr conducted research in Global Mental Health and lead several randomized controlled trials to test effectiveness of task-shared psychological interventions for psychological distress, depression and alcohol misuse among diverse population groups. This included mothers with depression in India and Pakistan and conflict-affected populations in Europe, Africa and the middle-East. Her expertise are in the development and implementation of scalable psychological interventions. Currently, she leads the development and implementation of a new transdiagnostic psychological intervention addressing psychological distress and alcohol misuse among conflict-affected populations in Uganda and Ukraine. Prof Daniela Fuhr is co-editor in Chief of the BMC Journal Conflict and Health.

-Common mental disorders
-Alcohol misuse
-Scalable psychological interventions
-Populations exposed to adversities
-Global Health

Intervention and Implementation Research
Global Mental Health

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Daniela Fuhr


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