Bremen Mortality Index


Bremen Mortality Index

The Bremen Mortality Index (BreMI) is a database providing information on all persons with primary residence in the federal state of Bremen who have died since January 1, 1998. The database contains all information recorded on the death certificates. BreMI is based on the law of the Bremen Cancer Registry.

Applications of the Bremen Mortality Index:

• Data source for the Bremen Cancer registry
It facilitates the automated identification of all death certificates with indications of cancer. This
important information makes it easier for cancer registries to identify Death Certificate Only-Cases
(DCO) and to perform a mortality follow-up of persons who were already registered with cancer
while still alive.

• Mortality follow-up for cohort studies
If the primary place of residence of a cohort member is in the state of Bremen, their vital status can
be electronically checked at regular intervals (linkage of the Bremen cohort members with BreMI). If
a cohort member died, BreMI can supply the cause of death both in plain text format and coded
based on the ICD-10 classification of the underlying disease as entered in the official mortality
statistics. Exceptions are Bremen citizens who died outside the state of Bremen for whom the
coding of the underlying disease is entered by the respective bureau of statistics of the place of

• Data source for research projects
The Bremen Mortality Index provides the data for research projects on specific questions of
mortality in the state of Bremen. The use of the data requires permission from the governing
authority, the Senator for Health, Women and Consumer Protection of the Free
Hanseatic City of Bremen.

Funding period

Begin:   January 1998
End:   running


  • Senatorin für Gesundheit, Frauen und Verbraucherschutz der Freien Hansestadt Bremen


Dr. med. Sabine Luttmann


  • Dr. Olaf Cordes (Institut für Rechtsmedizin, Klinikum Bremen Mitte)
  • Markus Habig (Statistisches Landesamt Bremen)
  • Britta Schubert (Vertrauensstelle des Bremer Krebsregisters, Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bremen)


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  • Articles without peer-review

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