European medical information framework


In Europe, a considerable number of data bases exist, which include patient health information. However, these data are commonly stored in a fragmented way in different systems and locations, thereby inhibiting direct and efficient access within (health) studies. Several efforts have been made in order to link health information on person level, but they are typically small in scale and geographically confined.
EMIF (European Medical Information Framework) aims to combine the aspect of generating a common patient health information framework with addressing the two research areas "obesity and its metabolic complications" and "markers for the development of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and other dementias". Therefore, allowing an efficient use of health information within (health) studies.

This project - financed by the European Union Seventh Framework and contributions of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations - is a collaboration of 58 teams from academia, various organizations and several companies from 14 European countries.

Due to its long-standing expertise with multi-center database studies, BIPS takes over a consultative role in this project.

Funding period

Begin:   January 2013
End:   June 2018


  • Innovative Medicines Initiative (European Commission)


 Nadine Wentzell

Project management (international)

Johan van der Lei, EMC, Rotterdam, NL