Qualitative content analysis of smartphone apps for the promotion of physical activity and pilot study examining attitudes toward and use of physical activity apps among persons aged 50 years and above


The ,BEWAPP' study is funded through an internal innovation grant. The first aim of the study is to examine to what extent apps which are available on the German market include information that is based on evidence-based principles for behavior change. To examine this question, descriptions of apps currently available at the Google Play Store will be categorized and appraised with regard to their potential for influencing physical activity behavior in a qualitative content analysis. The second aim of the study is to find appropriate recruitment channels for smartphone owners aged 50 years (and above) and to examine attitudes towards and use of apps for the promotion of physical activity in an exploratory pilot study. Study participants will be asked questions via an online-questionnaire and in focus groups.

Funding period

Begin:   July 2015
End:   September 2017


  • BIPS funding (Institute's intramural fund)


PD Dr. phil. Claudia Pischke