An evaluation of the implementation and health effects of the health promotion program "JolinchenKids - Fit and healthy in daycare" at 68 daycare facilities in Germany


In the ‚JOKITA’-study, implementation and effects of a program for health promotion (developed by the AOK health insurance) on weight development, diet, physical activity behavior, and mental well-being are examined in children aged 3-6 years. The following research questions are addressed in this study:

a.) Which health effects can be observed among children participating in JolinchenKids?
b.) Does the implementation of JolinchenKids influence conditions (i.e., structures, processes) at participating daycare facilities?
c.) Which factors facilitate/represent barriers to…
- reaching program goals,
- integrating the program into the daily routines at daycare facilities,
- program acceptance among children, parents, daycare staff?

These research questions are investigated using a mixed-methods approach of quantitative and qualitative methods:

I.) a controlled trial including anthropometric measurements and an objective assessment of physical activity behavior with accelerometers in children and parental questionnaires (baseline, 12-months follow-up) at 68 daycare facilities;
II.) a telephone-delivered survey with heads of daycare facilities (or kindergarten teachers responsible for the implementation of JolinchenKids) to assess structural changes during the assessment period;
III.) focus groups with heads of daycare facilities, kindergarten teachers, parents, and children to identify facilitating factors/barriers regarding the achievement of program goals, the integration of the program into daily routines, as well as program acceptance.

Funding period

Begin:   December 2015
End:   March 2018


  • AOK Federal Association


 Berit Brandes