Identification of typical domains of physcial activity in 2-10 years old children


The promotion of physical activity is an important element in the prevention of childhood overweight and childhood obesity. However, overweight interventions aimed at behavioral change have shown only modest success so far. It can be assumed that only the combination of behavioral and ratio prevention will achieve lasting effects. The aim of this project is to identify periods and places (domains) in which children are particularly intense and long physically active. For this purpose questionnaire data, accelerometer measurements and data from the corresponding non-wear activity diaries will be combined to get a more complete picture regarding the pattern of physical activity in 2 to 9 years old children from the IDEFICS study. The results of the project might then be considered in the development and design of future intervention programs to increase the children’s physical activity in order to contribute to an improved obesity prevention.

Funding period

Begin:   November 2016
End:   January 2018


  • Federal Ministry of Health


Dr. rer. medic. Hermann Pohlabeln


  • Dr. Karim Abu-Omar (Institut. Für Medizin. Informatik, Biometrie & Epidemiologie, Universität Essen)