Systematic literature review of migrant sensitive approaches to prevention and health promotion


The project entails the conduction of a systematic national and international literature and database research on health promotion and prevention approaches applied in interventions involving people with a migration background, as well as an evaluation of the available evidence of these approaches.

The purpose of the research is to compile a current evidence base for migration sensitive/socio-culturally sensitive approaches in health promotion and prevention. These include preventive measures that specifically and systematically consider the socioeconomic and cultural diversity of lifestyles and value systems in the population.

To this end, both behavior- and setting-oriented measures are to be included and the action fields of physical activity habits, nutrition, psychosocial burden/ stress and consumption of additive substances in different settings (e.g. daycare, school, and neighborhood) are to be covered. Targeted approaches applied in migration-sensitive prevention and health promotion (programs for persons with migration background) as well as diversity-oriented programs (intercultural opening of existing programs) will be included in the research.

The research will be conducted as a Rapid Review, a form of evidence synthesis in which the key steps of a systematic review are performed in a simplified manner. This enables the acquisition of practice-relevant information in a short time.

Funding period

Begin:   March 2017
End:   August 2017


  • Federal Centre for Health Education


Dr. phil. Tilman Brand