Sitting and standing in school - A feasibility study on the use of standing desks in primary schools


The installation of height adjustable working desks (‘standing desks’) may facilitate reducing sitting time during school hours, which is still matter of investigation: Recent studies showed that implementing standing desks in schools could significantly decrease durations of sitting per day, without any disadvantages such as reduced concentration being observed during school lessons.
The aim of this study was to assess whether the availability of standing desks in primary school children results in less sitting and more standing time during school hours -particularly during lectures and breaks- and also during leisure time after school. Further, the study aimed at identifying individual factors such as physical fitness, body composition or engagement in organized youth sports that may potentially influence the children’s decision to use either the standing desks or the traditional working desks.

Funding period

Begin:   August 2017
End:   July 2018


  • BIPS funding


Dr. oec. troph. Antje Hebestreit