Activity promotion via schools


The ACTIvity PROmotion via Schools (ACTIPROS) project is one out of eight pilot projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Health. The overall aim of ACTIPROS is to promote physical activity (PA) and fitness in primary school children in Germany. ACTIPROS is based upon the World Health Organisation‘s (WHO) Health Promoting Schools framework, which emphasises (or prioritises) schools as an important setting for health promotion.

The following table briefly describes the ACTIPROS study:
  • 2019
    • Undertake a literature review to identify promising interventions to promote PA and fitness in primary school children by searching the published literature, grey literature and adding expert opinions
    • Add local and regional search on promising PA and fitness interventions
    • Establish a network of stakeholders
    • Develop an intervention toolbox based on findings of the review, grey literature, expert opinions and local/regional interventions
    • Ensure participation of the target group, for example by setting up “PA task forces” with children and stakeholders at local pilot schools

  • 2020
    • Finalise the intervention toolbox
    • Simulate application of toolbox with stakeholders and children at five schools
    • Implement toolbox at five schools

  • 2021
    • Evaluate individual selection of interventions from the toolbox at five schools
    • Analyse changes in children’s PA and fitness
    • Analyse toolbox usability

  • 2022
    • Determine factors facilitating and hindering implementation and maintenance of interventions from the toolbox
    • Report, publish, and disseminate toolbox and study findings nationally and internationally

The toolbox is envisaged to include a wide range of different interventions, including behavioural and environmental interventions, single and multicomponent interventions, and interventions that include family or community components.

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Funding period

Begin:   June 2019
End:   December 2022


  • Federal Ministry of Health


PD Dr. rer. medic Mirko Brandes