The use of MS-medications in girls and women of childbearing age and during pregnancy in Germany


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common central nervous autoimmune disease in Germany with a typical onset in early adulthood between the ages of 20 and 40. Women are about three times more likely to be affected by MS than men. Due to this age and gender distribution, girls and women of childbearing age make up a significant proportion of MS patients. This presents challenges in family planning and choice of MS therapy, as MS requires continuous treatment with immunomodulatory drugs, some of which are contraindicated in pregnancy due to teratogenicity. This research project therefore investigates the prescribing behavior of drugs for the treatment of MS in girls and women of childbearing age and in pregnancy in a time trend based on health claims data.

Funding period

Begin:   January 2022
End:   June 2023


  • Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices


PD Dr. rer. nat. Oliver Riedel