DigitHEALTHCARE - Survey of insured adults of digitization in healthcare


The increasing digitization of the healthcare system makes the use of digital technologies for delivering medical services (e.g., apps, video technologies) without direct contact between physician and patient possible. To date, only a minority of physicians in Germany offer any digital services, such as video consultations. Patients may also be unaware of the existence of digital services, such as video consultations or are not convinced about using them (e.g., due to data protection issues or a lack of physical examination).
The aim of this project (DigitHEALTHCARE - Survey of insured adults on digitization in healthcare) is to perform an online survey of adults insured by the hkk health insurance company in Germany to examine the use and acceptance of digital services in healthcare. The results of the survey will be presented at an information event for physicians in Bremen to discuss the potential use of digital services in healthcare.

Funding period

Begin:   July 2022
End:   September 2023


  • hkk Krankenkasse


Dr. PH Saskia Müllmann