Unified assessment strategy of physical activity data from German cohort studies (PATREC)


A deficit in physical activity is one of the strongest impact factors on obesity and its related metabolic and cardiovascular disorders. Until now, different assessment methods of physical activity (e.g. questionnaire, pedometer, accelerometer, activity dairy) have been used in epidemiological studies within and outside of the Competence Network of Obesity (CNO). Comparability of those data as well as the subsequent derived recommendations regarding a health promoting intensity and period of physical activity in childhood, adolescence and adulthood is limited due to the different assessment methods. The core domain "physical activity" aimed to calibrate the applied methods of physical activity within the CNO as well as to develop a unified strategy assessing physical activity in children and adolescents. To realize these goals, an inventory of applied methods of physical activity within the CNO was carried out. This inventory formed the basis for the empirical assessment of physical activity in 100 children and 100 adolescent at 2 time points using selected subjective and objective methods (e.g. questionnaire, physical activity diary, accelerometry) applied at the same time. At the end, recommendations for the assessment as well as evaluation of physical activity data within and outside the CNO have been derived.

Funding period

Begin:   June 2012
End:   May 2015


  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Dr. oec. troph. Antje Hebestreit


Competence Net Obesity