HIPPOlino - Sun protection training for children and adolescents after organ transplantation


Due to immunosuppressive therapy organ transplant children and adolescents suffer an increased risk of skin cancer. As cumulative and intermittent UV exposures are considered as the main carcinogens for the development of skin cancer, it is very important to improve people’s risk awareness already during childhood in order to achieve a behaviour change regarding the daily sun protection and thus a decreasing exposure to UV light.

The primary objective of the study is the evaluation of an evidence-based standardized dermatology training program for organ transplant children and adolescents in order to prevent skin cancer.

Main, short and medium term objectives of the training program are a knowledge increase (e.g. knowledge regarding the UV light prevention, the UV index and the ABCDE rule), as well as the implementation of learned, UV preventive behavioural strategies (e.g. the planning of outdoor activities and choice of everyday clothes in consideration of the UV index).

Furthermore, two different intervention arms will be set up in order to find out whether the intended knowledge growth and the corresponding behaviour change can be achieved and increased by sending information regarding regionally differentiated sun protection measures (based on the respective UV index) via SMS to the mobile phones of the participants.

Funding period

Begin:   April 2013
End:   September 2016


  • German Cancer Aid


 Silke Böttcher

Application (national)

Dr. med. Michael Sachse, Klinikum Bremerhaven, Klinik für Dermatologie, Allergologie und Phlebologie