Physical activity and health equity: primary prevention for healthy ageing (AEQUIPA II)


AEQUIPA: Physical activity and health equity: primary prevention for healthy ageing

AEQUIPA is a regional prevention research network comprising six universities, two research institutes and the health economy organisation of the Bremen-Oldenburg metropolitan region. The network's core themes are physical activity as a key contributor to healthy ageing, and health equity aspects of the different physical activity interventions under investigation. AEQUIPA will employ theory-based empirical research to develop, implement and evaluate relevant interventions in a primary prevention context. With five subprojects, AEQUIPA aims to strengthen the evidence base for preventive physical activity in the context of healthy ageing, yielding new insights into environmental, social-contextual and individual conditions for persons aged 65+ to engage in physical activity. Furthermore, the network aims to develop new approaches for understanding and monitoring the impact of physical activity preventive interventions on health equity, and to investigate the role of new technologies in supporting physical activity in the target group of older adults. To support sustainability of interventions within the region, the network aims to establish an integrated approach of urban planning and public health to promote physical activity for mobility. Joint measures of the consortium include a graduate programme for doctoral students and a methods project on equity and gender issues interacting with all subprojects. Overall, the proposed research network is focused on European and national health targets, and integrates an interdisciplinary group of scientists in a sustainable regional collaboration.

Funding period

Begin:   February 2018
End:   January 2022


  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Dr. phil. Tilman Brand