Activity promotion via schools


Physical activity is very important for the development of children. Among other things, physical activity positively impacts learning at school, psychological and social development, and the development of a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, physical activity behaviour in childhood often tracks into adulthood.
Unfortunately, children are physically active less and less, most of them far too little. This is where our ACTIPROS initiative comes in. We want to reach children through school and get them physically active (again), ideally together with friends, family, teachers or the whole school.

The study ACTIvity PROmotion via Schools (ACTIPROS) is one of eight studies funded by the Federal Ministry of Health. The aim of ACTIPROS is to improve the physical activity and fitness of primary school pupils in Germany. The study is based on the World Health Organization's (WHO) Health Promoting Schools framework, which prioritises schools as an important setting for health promotion.

Further information can be found on the project website:

Funding period

Begin:   June 2019
End:   December 2022


  • Federal Ministry of Health


PD Dr. rer. medic Mirko Brandes