Leibniz Living Lab - Gesundheitswerkstatt Osterholz


The Leibniz Living Lab - Gesundheitswerkstatt Osterholz aims to develop and test new approaches to health-related knowledge transfer. Within the Living Lab knowledge transfer is not considered as a one-way street, but is conceptualized as a circular process in which research, practice and population meet at eye level.
Creative methods, such as photovoice, for the participatory development of public health interventions are tested, frameworks for the adaptation of evidence-based prevention programs to local needs are developed and new ways of engaging potential study participants as well as interactive formats of formulating and answering research questions are explored.
The Living Lab is located in Osterholz, one of Bremen’s most diverse city districts, and works closely together with existing health services and initiatives in this context. The Living Lab approach is based on principle of participatory action research and integrated knowledge transfer. It serves as on open platform to carry out research-driven projects as well as collaboratively developed local health promotion efforts.

Funding period

Begin:   June 2019
End:   December 2025


  • BIPS funding


Dr. phil. Tilman Brand