Adaptation of VO2max estimation by maximum cycling ergospirometry in a NAKO subsample


Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) is the essential predictor of cardiorespiratory fitness and a significant predictor of cardiovascular and general morbidity and mortality (Blair et al. 1996, Lee et al., 2010). In the National Cohort (NAKO), a submaximal bicycle ergometry test (NAKO ergometry) is used to measure cardio-respiratory fitness. Using the heart rate power curve of the NAKO ergometry, the maximum heart rate (HRmax) of the subjects is first estimated (Tanaka et al., 2001), and VO2max is then estimated via the expected power at HRmax. However, the gold standard of cardiorespiratory fitness is the direct measurement of VO2max during spiroergometric exercise. The aim of the project is to adapt or redevelop VO2max estimation by connecting a ramp protocol with direct measurement of VO2max in N=500 subjects (350 in Bremen, 150 in Halle).

Funding period

Begin:   November 2020
End:   December 2024


  • BIPS funding


PD Dr. rer. medic Mirko Brandes