Adaption effectiveness study of the Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids programme in Germany


Although men are more often affected by overweight than women, men rarely take part in weight management programs. There is a lack of health promotion programs that specifically address men. The Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids (HDHK) program was originally develop in Australia by Prof. Phil Morgan and team. The program targets dads and their primary school-aged children. The transition to primary schools is critical period for weight development because children’s sedentary time increases substantially. In Australia, the 9-week HDHK program has showed relevant improvements in weight Fathers’ and children’s weight development, their diet and their physical activity. The aim of the HDHK-Germany project is to adapt this gender-sensitive program to the German context, examines its effectiveness, and develop a plan for a nationwide implementation. Following a mixed methods approach, the project starts with an adaptation phase, conducting focus group discussions with families to tailor the program to their needs. In the main phase effectiveness of the HDHK program is assessed in a randomized controlled trial, accompanied by a comprehensive process evaluation examining the acceptance and fidelity of the program implementation as well as scalability factors.

Funding period

Begin:   March 2022
End:   February 2025


  • Federal Ministry of Health


Dr. phil. Tilman Brand


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