Dr. Norman Wirsik

  • Studies mathematics, University of Bremen
  • April 2010 - März 2016: Research fellow at BIPS
  • March 2016: Doctoral degree in mathematics (Dr. rer. nat.) with thesis "Statistical modeling of physical activity based on accelerometer data"
  • April 2016 - October 2021: Scientific manager at BIPS
  • Since November 2021: Head of budget and managerial accounting

    Selected BIPS-Publications

  • Articles with peer-review

  • Lubasch J, Thumann B, Bucksch J, Brackmann K, Wirsik N, Donnelly A, Hayes G, Nimptsch K, Steinbrecher A, Pischon T, Brug J, Ahrens W, Hebestreit A, on behalf of the DEDIPAC consortium. School- and leisure time factors are associated with sitting time of German and Irish children and adolescents during school: Results of a DEDIPAC feasibility study. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living. 2020;2:93.
  • Sprengeler O, Buck C, Hebestreit A, Wirsik N, Ahrens W. Sports contribute to total moderate to vigorous physical activity in school children. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 2019;51(8):1653-1661.
  • Steenbock B, Wright MN, Wirsik N, Brandes M. Accelerometry-based prediction of energy expenditure in preschoolers. Journal for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour. 2019;2(2):94-102.
  • Wirsik N, Otto-Sobotka F, Pigeot I. Modeling physical activity data using L0-penalized expectile regression. Biometrical Journal. 2019;61(6):1371-1384.
  • Brandes M, Steenbock B, Wirsik N. Energy cost of common physical activities in preschoolers. Journal of Physical Activity & Health. 2018;15(4):233-238.
  • Brandes M, Wirsik N, Niehoff H, Heimsoth J, Möhring B. Impact of a tailored activity counselling intervention during inpatient rehabilitation after knee and hip arthroplasty - An explorative RCT. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 2018;19:209.
  • Sprengeler O, Wirsik N, Hebestreit A, Herrmann D, Ahrens W. Domain-specific self-reported and objectively measured physical activity in children. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2017;14(3):242.
  • Ferreira de Moraes AC, Carvalho HB, Siani A, Barba G, Veidebaum T, Tornaritis M, Molnár D, Ahrens W, Wirsik N, De Henauw S, Mårild S, Lissner L, Konstabel K, Pitsiladis Y, Moreno LA, on behalf of the IDEFICS consortium. Incidence of high blood pressure in children - Effects of physical activity and sedentary behaviors: The IDEFICS study: High blood pressure, lifestyle and children. International Journal of Cardiology. 2015;180:165-170.
  • Konstabel K, Veidebaum T, Verbestel V, Moreno LA, Bammann K, Tornaritis M, Eiben G, Molnár D, Siani A, Sprengeler O, Wirsik N, Ahrens W, Pitsiladis Y, on behalf of the IDEFICS consortium. Objectively measured physical activity in European children: The IDEFICS study. International Journal of Obesity. 2014;38(S2):S135-S143.
  • Witowski V, Foraita R, Pitsiladis Y, Pigeot I, Wirsik N. Using hidden Markov models to improve quantifying physical activity in accelerometer data - A simulation study. PLOS ONE. 2014;9(12):e114089.
  • Diederich A, Swait J, Wirsik N. Citizen participation in patient prioritization policy decisions: An empirical and experimental study on patients' characteristics. PLOS ONE. 2012;7(5):e36824.
  • Diederich A, Winkelhage J, Wirsik N. Age as a criterion for setting priorities in health care? A survey of the German public view. PLOS ONE. 2011;6(8):1-10.
  • Presentations at scientific meetings/conferences

  • Sprengeler O, Buck C, Hebestreit A, Wirsik N, Ahrens W. Sportunterricht und Vereinssport leisten einen entscheidenden Beitrag zum Erreichen der Bewegungsempfehlung von 60 Minuten moderater bis intensiver körperlicher Aktivität bei 6-17-Jährigen. Jahrestagung der dvs-Kommission Gesundheit unter dem Motto "Interdisziplinäre Forschung und Gesundheitsförderung in Lebenswelten. Bewegung fördern, vernetzen, nachhaltig gestalten", 4.-6. April 2019, Hamburg.
  • Wirsik N, Behrens J, Pohlabeln H. Comparison of non-wear and sleep detection algorithms in ActivPAL data. 6th International Conference on Ambulatory Monitoring of Physical Activity and Movement (ICAMPAM) of the International Society for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour (ISMPB), 26-28 June 2019, Maastricht, The Netherlands.
  • Wirsik N, Sobotka F, Witowski V, Pigeot I. Expectile regression and hidden Markov models to improve quantification of physical activity using accelerometer data. 15th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA), IDEFICS/I.Family Symposium: "Objectively measured physical activity in European children and adolescents - Methodological advancements and new results from the IDEFICS/I.Family cohort," 11 June 2016, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Wirsik N, Witowski V, Foraita R, Pitsiladis Y, Pigeot I. Using hidden Markov models to improve analyzing accelerometer data. 2nd European Conference on Data Analysis (ECDA), 2-4 July 2014, Bremen.
  • Wirsik N, Diederich A, Schreier M. Conjoint analysis - Pretest for evaluation of therapy-related attributes. The 8th Annual Conference of the International Society on Priorities in Health Care, 23.-25. April 2010, Boston, USA.
  • Wirsik N, Diederich A, Schreier M, Pigeot I. Conjoint analysis - Pretest for evaluation of patient-related attributes and the influence of proxies on the rank order. Kongress "Abstract Distributive Justice in the Health System - Theory and Empirics", 11.-12. Dezember 2009, Halle.
  • Posters at scientific meetings/conferences

  • Wirsik N, Pigeot I, Schreier M, Diederich A. Priorisierung in der Medizin - Einfluss von Proxies bei der Conjoint-Analyse auf die Bildung der Rangfolge. 8. Deutscher Kongress für Versorgungsforschung des Deutschen Netzwerks Versorgungsforschung und 43. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Allgemeinmedizin und Familienmedizin (DEGAM), 1.-3. Oktober 2009, Heidelberg.

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