COVID-19: Activities of the BIPS

An extraordinary time requires an extraordinary commitment. This is shown by the people who are currently shelving supermarkets, who risk their lives in emergency rooms or who drive trucks across the country under the most difficult conditions.

The scientists at BIPS are also contributing their epidemiological expertise to counter the COVID-19 pandemic and protect human lives. Here are some results of this effort.

Competence Network Public Health on COVID-19

The Competence Network Public Health on COVID-19 is an ad hoc association of over 15 scientific societies and associations in the field of public health, which bundle their methodological, epidemiological, statistical, social science and (population) medical expertise to counter the COVID-19 pandemic. Hajo Zeeb from BIPS is a member of the coordination group of the network. Further information on the network can be found (only in German) here:

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How to stay fit during the pandemic

Exercise strengthens the immune system and reduces stress and anxiety.

Some weeks ago BIPS started to collect information and examples of how to remain physically active during covid-19 pandemic. This refers to children, adults and mobility exercises during home office. Most of the information is in German, however, we also cite some resources in English. Maybe you will discover some unknown examples to move. Just klick here.

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Nutritional advice during the Corona pandemic

Have you noticed any of the ‘before and after’ videos flooding the internet lately? After a couple of weeks of being confined to their homes people in these videos have considerably put on weight. But – this does not have to happen. The nutrition rules of the German Nutrition Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung/ DGE) offer simple advice for a balanced diet, which can easily be implemented.
Here you can find a brief summary of these rules.

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Cooking and baking with children at home

At this time, we are all requested to stay at home. This may be a nice opportunity to cook and bake with our young ones. For little amateur cooks it often is an adventure to cut food and stir pots with their parents and siblings. At the same time, these kinds of activities help children discover what ingredients are being used in food, they train their senses of taste and smell, and enhance their motor skills. You can find the complete guideline here.

Staying at home is the order of the day. A good opportunity to cook and bake extensively with the youngest.

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BIPS in international media reports on COVID-19

3. Mai 2020, nbc

Boris Johnson heralds Britain's coronavirus successes. The numbers tell a different story.

Analysis: "Time was lost in the beginning, and that has led to this high number of deaths," one leading expert said.

March the 28th 2020, Global News

Epidemiologist on Corona-dark figure: We still need to test more

The Bremen Institute for prevention research and epidemiology want with a minimum of 10,000 Tests, the dark figure of the Corona – Infected lighten.

March the 25th 2020, NBC

Why are so few Germans dying from the coronavirus? Experts wonder

While countries around the globe struggle to cope with the death, panic, restrictions and economic dislocation wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, a different picture has emerged in Germany.



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