Research Data Day Bremen 2024

The U Bremen Research Alliance invites you to the Research Data Day 2024! The event offers insights into best practices and current challenges in dealing with research data. At the evening event, BIPS Director Prof. Dr. Iris Pigeot will take part in a panel discussion on the topic: "Data literacy for all and thus more progress and less fake".

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This event offers a fruitful gathering, bringing together researchers from diverse scientific disciplines as well as administrative and technical professionals to explore, discuss, and collaborate on the vital topic of storing and using research data. Participation in the Research Data Day is free of charge.   

Event Highlights:

Information Booths: Engage with leading research data initiatives at our information booths. Interact with representatives and gain insights into innovative projects, tools, best practices and resources shaping the future of data-driven research.

Talks & Workshops: Participate in interactive talks and workshops by experts to enhance your skills and knowledge in research data handling and analysis. Gain practical insights into strategies to optimize your research data management practices.

Evening Event: Join us for an inspiring evening event on the topic of "Using Data Responsibly – Research Data for Society" in Bremen’s “Haus der Wissenschaft”. Learn about the ethical and societal implications of research data usage in keynote talks and in a dynamic podium discussion. Please note that this evening event will be conducted in German language.

Date & Location:

Date: June 18, 2024
 Location: Bremen (Campus University of Bremen & Haus der Wissenschaft, Bremen; venue details available at

Whether you are a senior researcher or just embarking on your academic journey, our Research Data Day offers a unique opportunity to connect with peers, expand your network, and strengthen your data literacy to maximize the potential of your data.

For registration and further details about Research Data Day take a look at

We look forward to welcoming you to Research Data Day in Bremen, where together, we will shape the future of responsible and collaborative data-driven research!