Research Data Day

On 07 June 2023, all members of the U Bremen Research Alliance will jointly organize "Research Data Management Days". The aim is to draw attention to the importance of contemporary research data management throughout the alliance and by involving stakeholders from business and society, and to share good practices.

Woman with data reflection on her face

Woman with data reflection on her face

Due to new technologies and the increase in "Big Data" applications, ever larger amounts of data are being collected, automatically generated and continuously stored in science in the course of the use of digital possibilities. In order for research data to be used sustainably, across disciplines, and without loss, it must be FAIR, i.e., findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. Establishing collaborative and cross-disciplinary research data management is the key to getting the most value from multidisciplinary data. This is accompanied by a significant increase in scientific knowledge gain and the social benefit of science.

Bremen can point to numerous successes in this development and has the potential to play a pioneering role throughout Germany. The graduate training program "Data Train - Training in Research Data Management and Data Science", initiated with the support of the state of Bremen, and the "Data Science Center" located at the University of Bremen are - in interaction with the projects for the development of a national research data infrastructure - two decisive building blocks for orienting science in Bremen to these new challenges. In addition, the U Bremen Research Alliance, through the active participation of its members in nine of the 27 projects for the establishment of a National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI), provides the best prerequisites for implementing research data management across disciplines and institutions, also in cooperation with other locations.

Further information about the UBRA activities on this day can be found here (in German).

Event at the BIPS

In this context, on 07.06. 2023 from 14:30 to 16:00, we want to discuss "Collect, use, protect: Research Data Management at BIPS" to discuss data in health research.

The event will start with a film introducing research data management at BIPS. This will be followed by short presentations on important sub-areas of research data management in health research. Then, in an open panel discussion, the speakers will conclude by linking the topics and answering questions from the audience.

BIPS has continuously developed and expanded its research data management in recent years. The latest development in this regard is a cross-departmental center for research data infrastructure and data science in epidemiology. BIPS has been building it since January 2023 to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Open Data and Open Science and to meet the associated requirements.

You can register here.