Corona podcast with Lucia Reisch

We have to learn new habits in the corona pandemic. Often this doesn't happen through strict rules, but with small nudges, says behavioral scientist Lucia Reisch, Leibniz Chair at the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology - BIPS. It is explicitly not a question of “pushing people in a certain direction, but of supporting them in behavior that they actually want to do,” says Reisch. This type of memory is called "nudging".

Reisch explains in the podcast with moderator Ursula Weidenfeld where nudging is currently used and where the limits of this technology. For the time being, a new episode of the science podcast will appear every morning from Monday to Friday. Not only virologists have their say, but also psychologists, economists and researchers from other departments.

The episode with behavioral researcher Lucia Reisch can be found here (in German).