Digital Public Health Podcast - 008: Can digital public health be equitable?

In our latest episode of the Digital Public Health Podcast, we take a deep dive into the ethical issues surrounding digital health. This time we have philosopher Hans-Henrik Dassow as our guest, who gives us exciting insights into the philosophical perspective on this complex topic.

Hans-Henrik Dassow in profile

Gamification in health sounds tempting - playful elements that motivate us to live healthier lives. But there are ethical pitfalls lurking here too

Hans-Henrik Dassow, research associate at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Bremen, brings a unique perspective on ethics in digital public health. We will discuss, among other things:

  •     Justice and health: is it fair for health insurance companies to give discounts for wearing pedometers? What ethical questions arise here?
  •     Philosophical considerations: How can philosophical approaches help to understand and address the challenges of digital public health?
  •     Gamification in health: What are the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating game-like elements into health apps? What does this mean for data collection and its quality?

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