Participation in European I.Family study is rewarded

13-year old from Delmenhorst wins a bicycle

The European research project I.Family, which is investigating the health and life-style of children and adolescents in Germany, has been running for over a year. The project is being run in Delmenhorst and Wilhelmshaven and is being coordinated by the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology - BIPS together with the University of Bremen.

13-year old Anna-Kristin Pfaff from Delmenhorst knows that taking part in such a study is worth it. She won a Hollandrad (Dutch-bike) which was sponsored by the Delmenhorst bicycle shop "rund ums rad" on the initiation of the chief physician of the paediatric hospital Dr. Johann Böhmann. The I.Family team raffled the bike among the participating children and adolescents who meticulously completed the SACANA diet protocol. On June 26, Dr. Maike Wolters, the national coordinator of I.Family, presented the new bike to Anna-Kristin. A further bike will be raffled in July.

Anna-Kristin took part in the study in Delmenhorst together with her twin-brother and her mother. She is in the 8th grade at the Delmenhorst High School. In her free time she enjoys cycling, jogging and meeting her friends. Her mother had the idea to take part in the study. She found the idea of having an intensive medical check-up through the I.Family project attractive. She also finds it important to do as much as she can to support research relevant for the health of children

The main investigations of the I.Family project have now been completed. A part of the children and their parents will be invited for further investigations in the coming months. Brain activity and taste perception will be investigated, as will the effects of the built residential environment on health.

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