Promotion of physical activity for older people in communities

AEQUIPA subproject "Ready To Change" has started its survey

The AEQUIPA subproject "Ready To Change" has begun with the survey phase in April 2015. In a total of 24 municipalities in the metropolitan region of Bremen/Oldenburg, an inventory of local activities and structures to promote physical activity for older people will be conducted. To this end, key persons in the communities will be interviewed on physical activity promotion in old age. In over 100 semi-structured interviews, questions about the existing knowledge in the community, the community climate and the resources available for physical activity will be asked.

Since prevention measures often do not equally reach all population groups, reasons for (non-) participation among hard to reach groups such as migrants or persons with low socio-economic status will be investigated.

With this survey AEQUIPA aims to gain insight into the successful implementation of local approaches to promote physical activity in old age and thereby contribute to the strengthening of existing initiatives.

AEQUIPA is a regional prevention research network comprising six universities, two research institutes and the health economy organization of the metropolitan region of Bremen/Oldenburg. The network´s core themes are promoting physical activity among older adults (65+).

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