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71. SAS-twophase-package   SAS-macros for the statistical analysis of case-control studies in a two-phase design Double sampling, also known as two-phase sampling, is a standard technique for stratification (Breslow, 2005):…  
72. MetS-Score   Online tool to assist pediatricians when assessing the risk of metabolic syndrome in children aged 3-10 years Start Online-Tool Online-Tool FAQs In order to be able to competently assess the…  
73. [BIPS Project] Utilization of drugs containing testosterone in Germany   Drugs containing testosterone are indicated in the treatment of testosterone deficiency caused by a malfunction of the testes, for the treatment of a delayed onset of puberty in boys as well as to…  
74. [BIPS Project] Monitoring of physical activity and promotion of physical activity - development of indicators for the prevention indicator system of the federal states   Physical activity promotion is an integral part of the German National Health Goals and thus part of the federal framework recommendations and state framework agreements in the course of implementing…  
75. Management and Committees   Research Ethics Committee Contact person: Alexander Knaust Management Board Prof. Dr. Iris Pigeot (scientific director) Dr. Frauke Günther (managing director) Dr. Norman Wirsik (managing…  
76. Awards  
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Date: 27-02-23
Awards and honors  
77. Data protection  
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Date: 26-02-23
Data protection in BIPS studies Adherence to data protection regulations is a top priority for research at BIPS. It is of particular concern to us to protect the data of our study participants and…  
78. Young Scientists  
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Date: 26-02-23
Promoting Young Scientists Promoting the next generation of researchers is very important to us at BIPS. Accordingly, we are involved in all phases of academic education. This includes…  
79. Research  
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Date: 26-02-23
80. Directions  
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Date: 26-02-23
Directions Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology – BIPS GmbH Achterstraße 30 28359 Bremen Directions from the central train station or from the Bremen airport From…  
Search results 71 until 80 of 553