BIPS in the Media

June 16 2022, Aljazeera
Portugal’s COVID deaths grow as tourism season kicks off
COVID-19 cases and deaths are climbing in Portugal’s popular tourist hotspots like Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve region.

April 13 2022, New York Times
How One German State Beat the Odds on Covid Vaccinations
A German State Is Last in Almost Everything. But It's No. 1 in Vaccines.

March 25 2022, Financial Times
European wave of Omicron sub-variant BA.2 foreshadows US surge
North America is likely to be hit by a sharp rise in infections within weeks, experts warn.

January 7 2022, Reuters
Omicron spike in most vaccinated German state heralds nationwide surge
The northern German maritime state of Bremen has the country's highest COVID-19 vaccination rate by far, but it has become the hardest-hit by the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, reporting the highest infection rate of any region in Germany.

December 28 2021, DW
Epidemiologist Hajo Zeeb speaks to DW

October 26 2021, Politico
The next coronavirus wave in Europe
The fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic is breaking over Europe, with few countries being spared a worrying rise in cases.

March 12 2021, NBC News
Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine delays over blood clot fears raise new doubts over Europe's rollout
Several European countries halted the rollout of the world-leading Oxford-AstraZenaca Covid-19 vaccine this week because of reports some patients suffered blood clots.

December 17, 2020, BBC

Covid-19: Europeans urged to wear masks for family Christmas

The World Health Organization (WHO) has urged Europeans to wear masks during family gatherings at Christmas. What are Germany's new measures, and why now?

December 16, 2020, CNBC

Germany got it wrong when easing restrictions after the first wave of Covid-19, expert says

Professor Hajo Zeeb from the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology, discusses Germany’s new coronavirus lockdown measures.

November 9, 2020, NBC

Trump tried to justify rising Covid cases by pointing to Europe. Experts say he's wrong.

The U.S. has less than 5 percent of the world's population but almost 20 percent of its recorded coronavirus deaths.

November 6, 2020, CNBC

Why Germany’s coronavirus strategy doesn’t appear to be working this time around

Germany started its “lockdown light” on Monday, which is set to last for the month of November. The German government is aiming to push the number of new infections down to about 50 cases per 100,000 over a seven-day period. The government said it was currently unable to trace 75% of new cases.

October 29, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Scientists: Use closing time for new corona concepts

According to Bremen epidemiologist Hajo Zeeb, the time of the corona restrictions in November should be used to develop new concepts for dealing with the pandemic. "We are still early in autumn," said the professor at the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology (BIPS) in Bremen.

October 22, 2020,

"We are really all in demand now"

If everyone were to write a contact diary now, this could greatly slow down the rising number of infections, says epidemiologist Hajo Zeeb. But he doubts whether this additional measure will be enough.

October 19, 2020,

Nationwide school closures only as a last resort

As infection rates rise, more COVID 19 cases are expected in schools. Why schools should not be completely closed again.

October 4, 2020, Weser-Kurier

School operations in Bremen at a glance

Due to rising corona numbers, schools are increasingly coming under scrutiny. So far there have not been any major outbreaks. To ensure that this remains the case, special reports will be published to evaluate the situation scientifically.

October 2, 2020, Buten un Binnen

3 reasons why the corona numbers in Bremen are increasing

Data show that many young people in Bremen are currently infected with the corona virus. Impressively, another figure shows how much the behavior has changed.

September 23, 2020, The Telegraph

How Germany avoided Covid catastrophe - with 'luck and tests

Modern Germany is by most measures a less regulated society than the UK - but it has fared better with Covid-19.

September 18, 2020, 3Sat nano

Corona: Situation in Europe

September 10, 2020, ZDF heute

Why there are no more deaths in Europe

Corona case numbers are on the rise again in Europe, and so is the concern about the second wave. However, the number of deaths remains at a low level. Why is that?

August 28, 2020, Deutschlandfunk

Increase in case numbers for Sars-CoV-2

Corona infections: Depending on the federal state, the situation is very different.

30. July 2020, Bild

Why aren't party tourists also force-tested?

July 28, 2020, ZDF

Why the rise is not yet a second wave

In Germany, the number of corona infections is rising and with it the fear of a second wave. Experts reply that we are still a long way from that.

July 28, 2020, Die Welt

How to travel safer in Corona times

24 July 2020, Weser Kurier

Bremen expands corona tests

After the vacations, Bremen is starting a scientific project to monitor corona infection incidence in schools and daycare centers. Series tests are to provide insights - beyond snapshots.

July 16, 2020, The Independent

Employees with poor work-life balance 'twice as likely to report poor health

Results demonstrate need for organizations to recognize impacts of demands upon employees, researchers say.

24. June 2020, taz - the daily newspaper

Home remedies or system change?

Minorities are particularly often affected by corona. Why vitamin D has nothing to do with it and other factors are more important.

24. June 2020, Die Welt

These are the differences between Ischgl and Gütersloh

The corona outbreak at the Gütersloh Tönnies plant and its consequences for the region are sometimes reminiscent of the infection in Tyrol at the beginning of March. However, experts view the comparison with skepticism, and for one simple reason.

23. June 2020, taz - the daily newspaper

School only sitting down?

The sports youth want school sports back. But it is not even clear to the authorities who is actually responsible.

18 June 2020, Der Spiegel

The social virus

The outbreaks in slaughterhouses show Whether someone gets Covid-19 is also a question of income, wealth and education.

16. June 2020, Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten

The federal warning app is available - open questions remain

The Corona Warning App of the German government is now available for download. But there is still a need for clarification regarding its actual use and the high development costs.

30. May 2020,

When could a second corona wave come up?

The number of new infections with the corona virus is decreasing. But is the pandemic in Germany under control? Experts like virologist Christian Drosten warn of a second wave.

25. May 2020, Buten un Binnen

Why are the new corona infections in Bremen decreasing so slowly?

The trend nationwide is pleasing. The number of corona infections is declining almost everywhere. Only Bremen has no clear downward trend.

May 22, 2020, ZDF

today news

With the following topics: Virtual Party Congress of the CSU; Who will be tested on Corona; Kick-off of the People's Congress in China; more news and the weather.

May 19, 2020, Riff Reporter

The Power of Models: Calculating in the Corona Crisis

Mathematics allows us to look into the future and thus helps to find the optimal strategy to contain the Covid 19 epidemic.

12 May 2020, Buten un Binnen

How useful the reproduction number "R" really is for Bremen

The agony with the R-number: All of Germany is worried about the reproduction number in the Corona crisis. Is it above or below 1? In Bremen, this is somewhat difficult.

4 May 2020, Buten un Binnen

Who will be tested for Corona in Bremen in the future?

Bremen could carry out many more corona tests. The Senate is already working on a concept to expand the tests. But who could benefit from this?