Dr. Florence Samkange-Zeeb


Higher Education:
1986-1988: Radiography, School of Radiography, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
1995-1997: BSc. Radiography, Anglia Polytech University, Cambridge
April 2000-July 2002: Master in Public Health, University of Bielefeld
August 2013: Dr. P.H., University of Bremen

Occupational experience:
Nov. 1988-2002:Radiographer (Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Germany)
Nov. 2002-Mai 2003: Scientist, loegd NRW, Bielefeld; EU -Benchmarking-Project „regional health management“
July 2004-Jul 2005: Project worker, AIDS-Hilfe, Bielefeld; Comparison of German and African HIV-AIDS prevention materials and methods
Sept. 2004-Juni 2005: Scientist, Faculty for Public Health, University of Bielefeld; Research project: Predicting non-return to work in patients attending cardiac rehabilitation.
Oct. 2005-Dez. 2005: Contract - literature search and writing of an article on migrants for the book project, “Encyclopaedia
of Public Health” (together with Prof. Razum, University of Bielefeld)
Mai 2006- July 2006: Contract - literature search and writing of a synopsis and 12 essays on health of migrants for the book project, „Encyclopaedia Reference of Public Health” (together with Prof. Razum, University of Bielefeld)
15. Nov 2006-June 2010: Scientist, Institute for Medical Biostatistics, Epidemiology und Informatics, University Medical Centre of the Johannes-Gutenberg University, Mainz; Research projects: INTERPHONE - international study on mobile phone use and brain tumour risk; INTEROCC - international study on occupational risk factors and brain tumour risk; Conduction of a systematic review on radiation induced cataract.

Health of Migrants, Social epidemiology

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    Selected BIPS-Publications

  • Articles with peer review

  • Samkange-Zeeb F, Singh H, Lakeberg M, Kolschen J, Schüz B, Christianson L, De Santis KK, Brand T, Zeeb H. Health literacy needs among unemployed persons: Collating evidence through triangulation of interview and scoping review data. Frontiers in Public Health. 2022;10:798797.
  • Singh H, Kolschen J, Samkange-Zeeb F, Brand T, Zeeb H, Schüz B. Modifiable predictors of health literacy in working-age adults - A rapid review and meta-analysis. BMC Public Health. 2022;22:1450.
  • Ahmed F, Ahmad G, Paff K, Samkange-Zeeb F, Brand T. A cross-sectional community readiness assessment for implementing school-based comprehensive sexuality education in Islamabad, Pakistan. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2021;18(4):1497.
  • Gezie LD, Yalew AW, Gete YK, Samkange-Zeeb F. Exploring factors that contribute to human trafficking in Ethiopia: A socio-ecological perspective. Globalization and Health. 2021;17:76.
  • Adjei N, Samkange-Zeeb F, Kebede M, Saleem M, Heise T, Zeeb H. Racial/ethnic differences in the prevalence and incidence of metabolic syndrome in high-income countries: A protocol for a systematic review. Systematic Reviews. 2020;9:134.
  • Brand T, Barbek R, Gencer H, Samkange-Zeeb F, Zeeb H. Soziokulturell sensible Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung. Entwicklung eines theoretischen Rahmenmodells und Ergebnisse einer Befragung unter Bewegungsförderungsprojekten. Das Gesundheitswesen. 2020;82(2):202-208.
  • Jonsson KR, Öberg G, Samkange-Zeeb F, Adjei N. Determinants and impact of role-related time use allocation on self-reported health among married men and women: A cross-national comparative study. BMC Public Health. 2020;20:1204.
  • Lloret D, Gervilla E, Juan M, Castaño Y, Pischke CR, Samkange-Zeeb F, Mendes F. Community intervention self-efficacy scale for parent leaders (CONNECTED): Parents' empowerment to prevent adolescent alcohol use. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2020;17(13):4812.
  • Samkange-Zeeb F, Borisova L, Padilla B, Bradby H, Phillimore J, Zeeb H, Brand T. Superdiversity, migration and use of internet-based health information - Results of a cross-sectional survey conducted in 4 European countries. BMC Public Health. 2020;20:1263.
  • Samkange-Zeeb F, Samerski S, Doos L, Humphris R, Padilla B, Bradby H. "It's the first barrier" - Lack of common language a major obstacle when accessing/providing healthcare services across Europe. Frontiers in Sociology. 2020;5:557563.
  • Khan Z, Khan S, Christianson L, Rehman S, Ekwunife O, Samkange-Zeeb F. Smokeless tobacco and oral potentially malignant disorders in South Asia: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Nicotine and Tobacco Research. 2018;20(1):12-21.
  • Brand T, Kleer D, Samkange-Zeeb F, Zeeb H. Prävention bei Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund. Bundesgesundheitsblatt, Gesundheitsforschung, Gesundheitsschutz. 2015;58(6):584-592.
  • Samkange-Zeeb F, Ernst SA, Klein-Ellinghaus F, Brand T, Reeske-Behrens A, Plumbaum T, Zeeb H. Assessing the acceptability and usability of an internet-based intelligent health assistant developed for use among Turkish migrants: Results of a study conducted in Bremen, Germany. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2015;12(12):15339-15351.
  • Editorials

  • Busse H, Samkange-Zeeb F, Moore G. Editorial: Socioeconomic status and health in childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. Frontiers in Public Health. 2022;10:1042331.
  • Book chapters

  • Razum O, Samkange-Zeeb F. Populations at special health risk: Migrants. In: Quah SR, editors. International Encyclopedia of Public Health. 2nd edition. Amsterdam: Elsevier. 2014. S. 233-241.

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