Dr. Achim Reineke receives prize of the DGEpi

The "Prize for Special Services in Supporting Epidemiological Research" of the German Society for Epidemiology (DGEpi) goes to the BIPS this year. The award winner is Dr. Achim Reineke.

Happy about the award: Dr. Achim Reineke

Happy about the award: Dr. Achim Reineke © BIPS

According to the DGEpi, the award is intended to honor employees "whose commitment to planning and conducting epidemiological studies is indispensable for their success" and who are not primarily pursuing a scientific career. In addition to above-average commitment in managing tasks that often take place in the background, originality and innovation in approaches to solutions in the area of data collection and maintenance should also be considered.

Reineke is head of the IT, Data Management and Medical Documentation Division at the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology - BIPS, and in this capacity he has developed a "Modular Control and Documentation System", or MODYS for short, which intelligently and effectively supports epidemiological studies in all phases of subject recruitment.

For more than 20 years, Achim Reineke and his team at BIPS have been developing IT tools to support epidemiological studies in the recruitment phase. In this context, the tool "MODYS" plays a special role, as it enables the effective processing of tasks during the recruitment of probands by automating routine activities. It 'supports the administration of

It 'assists in the management of respondent data, the generation of cover letters, and the documentation of events such as a repeated failed contact and results such as a completed interview.

With the help of the data collected by the system, an overall view of the recruitment can be created at any time, but also individual aspects of it, such as the frequencies of individual reasons for refusal, can be extracted. In order to make the system as user:friendly as possible, the development of all components was closely coordinated with BIPS field personnel. MODYS was chosen to digitally support contact management in the nationwide NAKO health study because of its great flexibility and coverage of all components related to recruitment of subjects.

Reineke himself is very pleased about the award: "That's great, but the award also goes to my entire specialist group." He adds, "Our work is often not so much in the foreground, and it's very nice to receive a little appreciation for it now with this award."