New blog series highlighting the research of Leibniz postdocs with Heide Busse from BIPS

One of the main goals of the Leibniz Postdoc Network is to raise the profile of postdocs working at the institutes of the Leibniz Association. While science & research during the pandemic have been in the spotlight like never before, we almost exclusively see PIs and professors whose voices are amplified and broadcasted while the essential work that early career researchers contribute to increase our knowledge mostly remains invisible to the public.

The Leibniz Postdoc Network tries to chance that with a new blog series highlighting the research of Leibniz postdocs. Dr. Heide Busse is a postdoc at Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiologie – BIPS and does research on complex public health interventions for health promotion. In a recent study, she looked at changes in health risk behaviors among university students. In the sixth part of the blog interview series, she explains what universities should consider now. See more.