NFDI4Health presents progress at the NFDI evaluation symposium

On 6 February 2024, NFDI4Health was invited to the NFDI evaluation symposium in Bonn. The members demonstrated their remarkable progresses in building a FAIR infrastructure for personal health data. The event resulted in an exciting exchange with other NFDI consortia and insightful feedback from the expert group.

Valuable interactions: NFDI4Health with the Director of the NFDI Association York Sure-Vetter and members of the GHGA consortium at the evaluation symposium. (c) NFDI4Health

NFDI4Health attended, together with GHGA, the NFDI evaluation symposium in Bonn on 6 February 2024. Iris Pigeot, Hajo Zeeb and further members of the consortium were given the opportunity to present their achievements in the development of services for FAIR health research data. The feedback from the expert group provided important insights, guiding NFDI4Health towards further innovation and excellence in data management for health research. The meeting also offered a platform for forging new connections and fostering collaboration within the NFDI network. 

It was great to meet the other NFDI consortia and feel the spirit of our vision: Data as a common good for excellent research!