German National Cohort

The German National Cohort

BIPS leads one of 18 study centers of the GNC and coordinates the North-West Cluster consisting of Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen. With a target number of 200.000 participants until summer 2019, the GNC will be the biggest multi-center epidemiological cohort study conducted in Germany to date. It is of major strategic importance for the institute because it has the potential to dominate epidemiological research in Germany for decades.

The GNC team at BIPS actively contributes to different working groups like “best practice” and “biomaterials” and the development of the study protocol. Although the establishment of the GNC primarily has to be considered as the building up of a research infrastructure, BIPS researchers contribute to the exploitation of pretest data and scientific publications whenever possible. The recruitment center at BIPS is responsible for the examination of 10,000 inhabitants of Bremen, the scientific management, quality assurance and data analyses. In autumn 2018, the basic examination with 10,500 study participants in Bremen was completed and the follow-up examination successfully started. The recruitment center collaborates closely with the biorepository, where 1/3 of GNC biosamples are stored, and the Units Field Work and Molecular Epidemiology.


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