The Bremen Cancer Registry

Since 1998, all new cancer cases in the Bremen population have been recorded in the Bremen Cancer Registry. In 2015, the population-based registry was expanded to also register clinical information. By analyzing the data, the registry can draw conclusions

  • On the occurrence of various cancer cases in men and women in the individual age groups and the respective trends of development over time,
  • For the evaluation of screening exams,
  • For the assessment of survival chances of cancer patients,
  • About the health services for cancer patients in the state of Bremen - thereby indirectly contributing to the further improvement of oncological care.

Due to legal requirements of the state, the Bremen cancer registry is divided into a trust center and a data analysis office. These entities are separated in terms of location and organization. The trust center serves as the contact point for the reporting medical profession and registers the data. For reasons of data protection, the personal data of a reported case (name and address of the patient) remain in the trust center, while the pseudonymized data related to the disease are passed on to the data analysis office for the statistical analysis.

Further information on the registry (in German only) can be found at


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