Leibniz Living Lab

Gesundheitswerkstatt Osterholz

The Leibniz Living Lab – Gesundheitswerkstatt Osterholz is an infrastructure that enables researcher to team up with citizens and stakeholders to identify public health problems and develop solutions. Based on principles of integrated knowledge transfer and participatory action research, the Leibniz Living Lab helps to create and disseminate research that is closely aligned with the needs of diverse populations groups.


  • Testing of new methods for the participatory development of public health interventions
  • Development of frameworks for adapting evidence-based prevention programs to local needs
  • Testing new ways of engaging potential study participants
  • Trying out interactive formats of communication during the research process for a more comprehensive reach of different population groups
  • Encouraging local change to support local health improvement

The Leibniz Living Lab is located in Osterholz, one of Bremen´s most diverse city districts. Through the participation of target groups, research is to be enriched with new impulses and perspectives. The Leibniz Living Lab works closely together with existing health services and initiatives in this context to a network with long-term and trusting relationships with different population groups and local actors. This network of the LLL can contribute to the research of health related topics within the research focus of BIPS.

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