Sample logistics

The BIPS BioBank provides methodological and logistic support for research projects at the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology - BIPS and external collaborators.

Biosample management and study design
We support the planning of your research projects and customize the management of samples and associated data. A biobank information management system is used to manage samples and associated data. The quality and security of the samples and data are of the utmost importance.

Samples collection and preparation
The BIPS BioBank is equipped with examination rooms and laboratories for study surveys and sample collection and preparation. A pipetting robot can is available for automated preparation of liquid samples such as serum, plasma and urine.

BIPS BioBank provides a reliable, carefully monitored storage of samples at room temperature, at -20°C in a cooling chamber, at -80°C in ultra-low temperature freezers or in liquid nitrogen gasphase in Cryotanks (-180°C) and (ultra-)low temperature sorting system. Safe sample transport is prepared by certified personnel.