Field Work Unit

It is characteristic of the studies carried out by BIPS that they are realised by an in-house team (interviews; anthropometric measurements; extraction, preparation, management and storage of biosamples). The Field Work Unit was initially established as a workgroup to bring together all study nurses who had hitherto belonged to different departments. Project consultations regarding the range of survey methods, independent and responsible design, conduct and quality management of surveys are among the tasks of this unit. To ensure high quality data the team works very closely together with the IT, Data Management and Medical Documentation Unit as well as expert scientists of the respective research project.

In-house the Field Work Unit advises research assistants already in the preparation of project applications, in particular with regard to cost and personnel planning for data collection. The unit provides field approved survey modules and instruments and adapts them to the requirements of a study. Training, supervision and support of the internal and external survey personnel is also taken over by the unit on its own responsibility.

The unit has long-term experience in the handling of regional, multicentric and international studies and offers surveys as ordered as well as consultation, training and supervision of external institutions.


Bachmann, Larissa
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Herrera-Espejel, Paula S.

Rach, Stefan, Dr.
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Ristau, Nina
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Stefan Rach
Head of Unit

Dr. Stefan Rach
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