Research fellow

Dr. Heide Busse

Curriculum vitae

Heide Busse is a public health researcher in the department ‘prevention and evaluation’ and leads the Applied Health Intervention Research Unit.

Heide’s background is in psychology (BSc, University of Groningen, Netherlands) and health psychology (MSc, University of Bath, United Kingdom). From 2012-2019, Heide worked as a public health researcher at the Bristol Medical School, University of Bristol (UK), where she also obtained her PhD.

As a researcher within the Centre for the Development and Evaluation of Complex Interventions for Public Health Improvement (DECIPHer), one of five Public Health Research Centres of Excellence in the UK, Heide contributed to over 20 different and diverse research projects. Most projects aimed at promoting good health and wellbeing among children and young people by looking at a range of specific areas (physical activity, diet/nutrition, mental health, multiple risk behaviours). Heide has previously worked on pilot and feasibility studies, full randomised controlled trials involving process and cost-effectiveness evaluations, and has a strong interest in promoting the evidence-base of public health interventions by undertaking evidence reviews.

Heide’s research is concerned with the development, evaluation and implementation of complex interventions for health promotion and illness prevention and the reduction of health inequalities and inequities. Moreover, Heide has a strong interest in participative research methods, science communication and transfer.

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6043-9072

Research interests

  • Development, evaluation and implementation of complex health interventions
  • Prevention and health promotion
  • Intervention effects on health equality and equity
  • Relationship between health and education
  • Digital interventions
  • Understanding contextual factors in interventions
  • Science communication and transfer into practice



Selected publications

  • Articles with peer-review

  • Brandes B, Busse H, Sell L, Christianson L, Brandes M. Protocol for a scoping review to identify and map intervention components of existing school-based interventions for the promotion of physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness among school children aged 6–10 years old. BMJ Open. 2020;10:e037848.
  • Kipping R, Langford R, Brockman R, Wells S, Metcalfe C, Papadaki A, White J, Hollingworth W, Moore L, Ward D, Campbell R, Kadir B, Tinner L, Er V, Dias K, Busse H, Collingwood J, Nicholson A, Johnson L, Jago R. Child-care self-assessment to improve physical activity, oral health and nutrition for 2- to 4-year-olds: A feasibility cluster RCT. Public Health Research. 2019;7(13):1-164.
  • Busse H, Campbell R, Kipping R. Developing a typology of mentoring programmes for young people attending secondary school in the United Kingdom using qualitative methods. Children and Youth Services Review. 2018;88:401-415.
  • Busse H, Campbell R, Kipping R. Examining the wider context of formal youth mentoring programme development, delivery and maintenance: A qualitative study with mentoring managers and experts in the United Kingdom. Children and Youth Services Review. 2018;95:95-108.
  • Denford S, Abraham C, Campbell R, Busse H. A comprehensive review of reviews of school-based interventions to improve sexual-health. Health Psychology Review. 2017;11(1):33-52.
  • Willmott M, Nicholson A, Busse H, MacArthur GJ, Brookes S, Campbell R. Effectiveness of hand hygiene interventions in reducing illness absence among children in educational settings: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Archives of Disease in Childhood. 2016;101(1):42-50.
  • Busse H, Harrop T, Gunnell D, Kipping R. Prevalence and associated harm of engagement in self-asphyxial behaviours ('choking game') in young people: A systematic review. Archives of Disease in Childhood. 2015;100(12):1106-1114.
  • Martin NK, Foster GR, Vilar J, Ryder S, Cramp ME, Gordon F, Dillon JF, Craine N, Busse H, Clements A, Hutchinson SJ, Ustianowski A, Ramsay M, Goldberg DJ, Irving W, Hope V, De Angelis D, Lyons M, Vickerman P, Hickman M. HCV treatment rates and sustained viral response among people who inject drugs in seven UK sites: Real world results and modelling of treatment impact. Journal of Viral Hepatitis. 2015;22(4):399-408.
  • Hickmann M, Caldwell DM, Busse H, MacArthur G, Faggiano F, Foxcroft DR, Kaner EF, Macleod J, Patton G, White J, Campbell R. Individual-, family-, and school-level interventions for preventing multiple risk behaviours relating to alcohol, tobacco and drug use in individuals aged 8 to 25 years. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 2014;11:CD011374.

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