Statistical Methods for Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Unit

The department deals with the application, comparison, adaptation and further development of statistical methods in genetic and molecular epidemiology. The aim of the group is to contribute to etiology research and to investigate disease developments based on the genetic makeup. The group considers genetic networks or gene regulatory patterns and is particularly interested in investigating interactions between genetic patterns with environmental factors and risky health behaviour. Efforts are made in order to develop covariate-varying network trajectories based on high-dimensional, independent observational data in order to model the course of a network topology as a function of a continuous covariate.

The unit’s research interests are:

  • Development of covariate-varying networks
  • Statistical analysis of data from biological processes and networks
  • Analysis of high-dimensional data
  • Modeling of gene-gene and gene-environment interactions
  • Interaction- and mediation analysis with polygenetic risk scores

Current Projects

Only currently running projects or those where publications are still in preparation or those that ended less than a year ago will be shown. The entries are sorted alphabetically.


Dijkstra, Louis
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Foraita, Ronja, Dr.
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