Statistical methods for genetics and molecular epidemiology

Statistical Methods for Genetics and Molecular Epidemiology Unit

The unit deals with the application, comparison, adaptation and development of statistical methods in genetics and life course epidemiology.

The aim of the group is to make a contribution to etiology research and to explore the development of diseases in the life-course. Based on the genetic makeup, the group considers how genetic networks or regulatory patterns influence disease development. By consecutive integration of the social environment, natural environment and hazardous health behavior, it is further attempted to account for effects acting over the life-course. Efforts are being made in order to identify causal pathways, accumulations of risk or critical time periods that might promote the development of a disease in the life-course.

The unit’s research interests are:

  • Modeling of gene-gene and gene-environment interactions
  • Statistical analysis of data from biological processes and networks
  • Statistical modeling of pathways, accumulations of risk or critical time periods

Current projects


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