Statistical Modeling of Secondary and Registry Data Unit

The research interests of the Statistical Modeling of Secondary and Registry Data Unit are statistical methods to estimate the use, effects and risks of medications based on secondary data, and to estimate the progress as well as the survival of cancer. The unit supports the department of Clinical Epidemiology regarding the design, conduct, and analysis of pharmacoepidemiological studies and contributes towards the development and maintenance of the pharmacoepidemiological research database GePaRD and the Bremen Cancer Registry and is a member in the Competence Network of Secondary and Registry Data of the German National Cohort.

Methodological development is dedicated to the specifics of this database, i.e. the longitudinal data structure, the huge size of the population, the multitude of available covariates, the problem of unmeasured confounders and limitations, as well as the strengths and limitations of secondary data sources. Therefore, the main research focus is on:
•    Strategies to avoid bias such as Target trial emulation (see working group GeTTCausal)
•    Methods to account for time-varying and/or unmeasured confounding and
•    Record linkage.

Current Projects

Only currently running projects or those where publications are still in preparation or those that ended less than a year ago will be shown. The entries are sorted alphabetically.


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