Lifestyle-Related Disorders Unit

In the Lifestyle Related Disorders Unit researchers with interdisciplinary qualifications (Epidemiology, Nutritional Sciences, Health Promotion and Public Health, Sport Sciences, Social- and Behavioural Sciences) investigate the causes of lifestyle related disorders and its comorbidities by means of epidemiological studies. Especially dietary behaviour, physical (in)activity, sedentary behaviour, sleep and increasingly physiological parameters and biological markers in blood/urine are used for risk assessment. Furthermore, factors associated with mental health are studied.

The unit develops and evaluates appropriate methods for the assessment of risk factors, its determinants and health outcomes which are suitable for collecting data for research or surveillance purposes. The (partly validated) methods inventory includes typical survey instruments (questionnaires, interviews), which are lately replaced by faster and more attractive online tools. Anthropometric measurement methods as well as methods for the assessment of dietary intake, dietary behaviour, dietary preferences, physical activity and suitable biological samples increasingly complement the inventory.

In collaboration with other units at BIPS the unit generates standards and reference values for selected physiological parameters, hypotheses of the development of lifestyle related disorders and recommendations for risk reduction for the transfer of knowledge in research, politics and society.


Do, Stefanie
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Antje Hebestreit
Head of Unit

Dr. Antje Hebestreit
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