Translational Cancer Epidemiology Unit

Each year, more than 480,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with cancer and more than 230,000 people die from the disease. Estimates suggest that at least one-third of cancers are attributable to an unhealthy lifestyle and are therefore preventable. However, the potential of primary prevention is currently underutilized. For some cancers (e.g., colorectal, breast, cervical cancer), early detection measures (secondary prevention) offer the opportunity to detect the disease at a curable (pre)stage, but also in this respect, there is still need of improvement, especially with regard to the effective implementation of the measures on the population level.

The unit is focusing on the (further) development and evaluation of strategies to reduce cancer incidence and mortality in order to further exploit the potential of primary and secondary prevention of cancer. For example, using the Pharmacoepidemiologic Research Database (GePaRD), we investigate the utilization and effectiveness of mammography screening for the early detection of breast cancer and of colonoscopy screening for the early detection of colorectal cancer in Germany. For the investigation of effectiveness of these programs, we use the "target trial emulation" (TTE) approach in collaboration with the Department of Biometry and Data Management (GeTTCausal). In addition, we are coordinating an interdepartmental project as part of the National Decade against Cancer. The aim of this project is to establish Bremen as a model region for applied cancer prevention research. We are also working on questions concerning the utilization of cancer therapeutics in real-world healthcare settings in Germany as well as on the potential of the combined use of cancer registry and health insurance data.

"Current Projects" provides examples of some of the projects carried out by the unit.

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